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Yinson GreenTech and Plus Malaysia to develop first chargEV Hyperpower DC fast charging hub

Yinson GreenTech (“YGT”), a green technologies solutions provider has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) with PLUS Malaysia Berhad (“PLUS”) to jointly develop the first chargEV hyperpower Direct Current (“DC”) fast charging hub (“fast charging hub”) along the PLUS highways. The fast charging hub will also incorporate mobility retail including food and beverage outlets and other amenities along with multiple fast electric vehicle (“EV”) chargers as an introduction to a brand-new concept of EV charging to Malaysians.  

The signing between Yinson Group Chief Executive Officer Lim Chern Yuan and PLUS Managing Director Datuk Nik Airina Nik Jaffar was witnessed by the Minister of Investment, Trade & Industry YB Senator Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Aziz and Secretary-General of the Works Ministry (“MoW”), Datuk Seri Hasnol Zam Ahmad at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur. Representatives from both ministries, including the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Investment, Trade & Industry for Industry, Datuk Hanafi Sakri, Dato’ Zahrul Hakim Abdullah, Deputy Secretary General of MoW, Ir Sazali Harun, Director-General of Malaysian Highway Authority (“MHA”), YGT, PLUS and the media were in attendance.  

To date, YGT has upgraded one Alternate Current (“AC”) EV charging point to a Direct Current Fast Charger (“DCFC”) at Ayer Keroh Overhead Bridge Restaurant (Southbound). Through the MoU, YGT will will upgrade and provide a further 5 DCFC chargers at the Rest and Service Areas (“RSA”) at Tapah (Southbound), Dengkil (Southbound), Gunung Semanggol (Northbound), Pagoh (Southbound) and Seremban (Northbound).  

Malaysia’s first fast charging hub will be located at PLUS Seremban RSA (Southbound) featuring eight charging bays and each, with a power output of up to 350kW, is able to fully charge an EV within 20 minutes. The collaboration will leverage on the expertise of both parties and will maximise mutual benefits, expanding and enhancing products and services, as well as the strategic innovation. The MoU will establish a strong working relationship between YGT & PLUS and sets up effective mechanisms for effective project implementation together. The combined effort supports the nation in providing EV infrastructure aligned to the Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint (“LCMB”).   

Both parties will also collectively work to develop new ideas that will cater to the growth of the EV market, such as Malaysia’s first fast charging hub with dynamic load balancing technology or the level 3 DC charging solutions which allow optimal and efficient charging power among charging stations. This ensures a faster and more reliable charging experience for EV users.  

The Minister of Investment, Trade & Industry, Tengku Zafrul Aziz said, “Our National Automotive Policy (“NAP”) is focused on developing the whole ecosystem for Next Generation Vehicles (“NxGV”), which includes Energy Efficient Vehicles (“EEV”) and the necessary nationwide charging network. To that end, YGT and PLUS’s collaboration on Malaysia’s first chargEV hyperpower DC fast charging hub supports the NAP’s strategy to enhance the EV industry’s value chain. Apart from helping to fulfil our national target to have 10,000 charging points by 2025, it also supports Malaysia’s goal to be carbon-neutral by 2050. MITI expects this collaboration to also benefit SMEs in the domestic supply chain, as well as Malaysians working in industries such as E&E and automotive.”  

Secretary-General of MoW, Datuk Seri Haji Hasnol Zam Zam Hj Ahmad said, “To ensure the well-being of the rakyat, MoW is dedicated in realising the government’s aspirations to become a low carbon country as outlined in the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (“RMK-12”), the Green Technology Master Plan (“GTMP”), and LCMB 2030. To fulfil these aspirations, MoW prioritises its support for the expansion of the EV industry within the nation through the development of robust EV charging infrastructures. Once again, I would like to congratulate PLUS and YGT for their commitment and collaboration in providing EV charging infrastructure on PLUS highways. This is an opportunity for both parties to provide e-mobility solutions at strategic locations for the convenience and comfort of the highway users.”  

Yinson Group Executive Chairman Mr Lim Han Weng said, “This partnership encapsulates both parties’ joint commitment to work together to expand our complementing solutions. It marks another exciting step towards our shared goal of ultimately accelerating the electrification of the marine, mobility, and infrastructure ecosystem in Malaysia in line with the country’s aim to become a carbon neutral nation by 2050.”  

Yinson GreenTech Chief Executive Officer Mr Eirik Barclay said, “As the leading EV charging infrastructure provider in Malaysia, chargEV is excited to work alongside PLUS, to introduce innovative products and solutions to support the ever-growing EV needs of PLUS’ customers. Our aim is to make EV charging readily available and easily accessible.    

As we are completely confident that the market share for EVs will continue to accelerate very rapidly in the coming years. We want to ensure that Malaysian EV users will have access to the fastest and most reliable charging experience possible”.  

PLUS Managing Director Datuk Nik Airina Nik Jaffar said, “PLUS, operates a highway network that spans over 1,130km. Being the backbone of the Nation’s highway infrastructure, PLUS plays a significant role in shaping and contributing to the sustainable development of the Nation. PLUS collaborated with MoW and MHA to develop an EV charging station roadmap, aimed to achieve 100 DCFC charge points by 2025.   

She added, “As at 2022, twenty chargers have been energised. This year alone, there will be another twenty charge points available along the PLUS highways. This collaborative initiative will promote low carbon mobility practices among Malaysians, accelerate the country’s EV adoption and be a catalyst towards achieving the government’s 2050 carbon neutral aspirations.”  

GEV is a joint venture between YGT and GreenTech Malaysia Alliances Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary under the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation, a government agency under the purview of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Climate Change. The joint venture is tasked to roll out the commercialisation, operation, and maintenance of charging infrastructure in Malaysia through chargEV.