Hydrofoil Solutions

The hydrofoil solution allows our electric vessel to lift above the water, greatly reducing water resistance and energy consumption. Delivering higher speeds with unparalleled ride comfort and lower operation cost.

Telematics System

The telematics system embedded in our EVs provide valuable insights into your vehicle’s performance. You can see information about battery life, range and charging times, helping you make informed decisions about your driving habits and improve overall driver safety.

Digital Keys Management

Unlock a new level of convenience and security with our cutting-edge digital keys management solution for your EVs. Track key usage including vehicle unlocks to maintain visibility and accountability within your organization.

Energy Storage System

Our containerized solution, consisting of an integrated energy storage system and EV charger solution, revolutionizes the way we utilize and manage power. It offers reliable backup during outages, optimizes energy consumption through demand management and load shifting, integrates renewable sources seamlessly, and maximizes cost savings through time-of-use optimization.

Microgrid Solutions

Our microgrid solutions empower organizations to take control of their energy infrastructure and create a more reliable, resilient, and sustainable energy ecosystem. By integrating renewable energy sources, our microgrid solutions provide independent power generation, grid stability, and optimized energy management.

Power Intelligent Data-Driven Solutions

We are actively engaged in research and development focused on data-driven algorithms that enable cost-optimized scheduling of microgrid solutions specifically designed for EV charging infrastructure. Embrace the transformative power of 5G solution from powering smart cities to enabling autonomous vehicles and IoT applications.